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It all began in 1988. Coming from a family of moonshine history, Chuck and Jeanette Miller had a dream to keep that history alive. The Millers decided to turn their Culpeper, Virginia farm into a distillery, and in 1988, Belmont Farm Distillery was born. The distillery was a historic milestone as it was the very first Craft Whiskey Distillery in the United States. Chuck began producing his famous “Virginia Lighting” a fresh, clear corn whiskey, or moonshine as it’s called. By 1989 he was selling it in Virginia ABC stores all over the state.  As this monumental endeavor continued, Chuck decided to barrel a small batch of his corn whiskey and let it age for 25 years.  On December 31, 1991, Chuck filled his very first barrel of whiskey and laid it to rest for a long, long nap. In the spring of 2017, that first barrel made a reappearance, and a very special whiskey entered the world. Barrel #1 is a celebration of Chuck’s original batch of aged corn whiskey, and a monument to almost three decades of hard work. To commemorate such a special moment, we bottled this one of a kind reserve whiskey in a 375 ml moonshine jug, included a shot glass, and packaged it in a custom wooden box.  This collectible box is branded with commemorative elements and both the bottle and box are numbered and signed by Chuck. This is our first collectible whiskey, and only 150 bottles will be available for purchase.   We are very proud to be able to share our historic event, and our love of whiskey, with you.  Reserve your bottle today, and own a little piece of the history that makes our farm great.

We have sold out of this limited product. Keep your eye out for more limited products in the future.

25 Year Reserve Whiskey
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