Our original product, Virginia Lightning corn whiskey is where it all started. Almost 30 years ago Chuck turned an old family recipe into a legal experience for all to partake. Using his own farm raised corn, Chuck turns kernels into whiskey and frowns into smiles! At 100 proof, Virginia Lightning packs a punch, and brings back memories of Grandpa's moonshine. 

Derived from our original Virginia Lightning, Virginia Lightning Moonshine is a more refined version of our corn whiskey. Distilled an extra time and cut to 90 proof, Virginia Lightning Moonshine goes down softer and is easier to sip. Perfect for mixing into any of your favorite cocktails!








Nothing exemplifies the American South more than apple pie, except maybe moonshine, so we put the two together! Our Virginia Lightning Apple Pie Moonshine is made with real apple juice and bottled at 70 proof. A sweet-drinking 'shine that'll sneak up on ya if you're not careful! Perfect as an apertif or as a mixer, it's easy to see why this is a fan favorite around here.

The perfect mixer! We believe that everything is better with cherry, so we created our Virginia Lightning Cherry Moonshine. Nice and sweet at only 50 proof, you can drink this a million different ways! Sip it over ice, make an "adult" cherry cola or complement your favorite cocktails with a splash of cherry goodness. You can even use it to add a juicy kick to your baking. The possibilities are endless!

Summer down South means fresh, juicy peaches, warm peach cobbler, and sipping ice cold peach tea on the porch. We've made things even better by bottling up those summer memories in our Virginia Lightning Peach Moonshine. Grab a rocking chair and your favorite sweet tea and experience the magic when you add peach moonshine. Don't overdue it, or those memories might not be so clear in the morning!




At first you may not think butterscotch would be an enjoyable flavor, but when that first drop of candy flavor hits your lips, you'll be hooked!  Our Virginia Lightning Butterscotch Moonshine is dripping with the rich flavors of caramel and toffee. It's the element you've been missing in your favorite creamy cocktails, and the perfect addition to a cup of fresh coffee. Don't blame us if you feel the urge to add it to your early morning joe or the office coffee pot!


Kopper Kettle Virginia Whiskey 43% Alcohol by volume (86proof) | Kopper Kettle Apple Whiskey 40% Alcohol by volume (80proof) | Kopper Kettle Vodka 40% Alcohol by volume (80proof) | Kopper Kettle Golden Gin 43% Alcohol by volume (86proof) | Kopper Kettle Dark Chai Spice Rum 48% Alcohol by volume (96proof) | Virginia Lightning Corn Whiskey 50% Alcohol by volume (100proof) | Virginia Lightning Apple Pie 35% Alcohol by volume (70proof) | Virginia Lightning Cherry 25% Alcohol by volume (50proof) | Virginia Lightning Moonshine 45% Alcohol by volume (90proof) | Virginia Lightning Peach 35% Alcohol by volume (70proof) | Virginia Lightning Butterscotch 35% Alcohol by volume (70proof) 


Distilled and bottled by Belmont Farms

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